We love chocolate. We hate period pains. But as far as we were aware, the two weren’t really related.

Sure, indulging in a king sized Dairy Milk during that time of the month makes us feel a lot better, but could it actually stop aches and pains too? Apparently so, according to some now very popular Swiss Chocolatiers.


Marc Widmer, of Lucerne-based company Chocolate With Love, claims to have created a chocolate bar that not only gives you that much-needed endorphin boost, it also helps relieve cramps.

The “Frauenmond bar” translates to mean “women’s moon” and contains 17 Swiss herbs that relieve pain and tension. Speaking to 20 Minuten, Frauendmond bar creator Widmer described his creation as “reassuring, harmonising, and at the same time very delicious.” He added that “of course men can also eat the chocolate.”

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The bar will set you back a hefty £10, so it’s a more expensive option when it comes to period pain relief… But if we have another excuse to buy chocolate when we’re feeling crappy, we’re all for it!


*It’s worth noting, special Swiss chocolate bars aside, chocolate has been proved to give you a serotonin boost. So it could be just what your body needs when you’re feeling a bit low.

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