That's right ladies, chocolate IS good for you! Hurrah!

We’ve searched long and hard for a good excuse to indulge on chocolate brownies every now and again, and now our prayers may have been answered – these are the benefits of chocolate! Research shows that treating yourself to a bit of chocolate is no longer a comfort food sin – it could actually be good for you!

From slowing down the signs of ageing to reducing stress – a chunk of chocolate isn’t just a sugary treat to tempt you away from your diet anymore. So read on to discover the benefits of chocolate!


It’s anti-ageing
Harvard university did a study in 1998 that proved that those who ate chocolate three or more times a month lived for almost a year longer than those who didn’t. It’s also be proven that eating up to 12 squares of choc every day can help with pain caused inflammation in your joints – so it can help you look good and feel better too!

Chocolate helps with stress relief
This might not come as a surprise to many of you if, like us, chocolate is one of your favourite (if not the best) comfort foods. Chocolate is actually scientifically proven to reduce stress too, and doctors in America verified this in 2009.

Chocolate is the way to a happy heart
Yes, that’s right, chocolate can lead to a happier heart – and not just because you’re at your happiest curled up on the couch with a Bounty bar. Apparently if we eat 100g of chocolate a day we are 11% less likely to have a heart attack or a stroke – sounds like a good deal to us!

It keeps you healthy
Chocolate contains a naturally occurring antioxidant that will help boost your immune system. So make sure you grab a Crunchie if you feel a cold coming on – doctor’s orders!

Chocolate can lower blood pressure
Did you know that a cup of dark, rich hot chocolate can lower your blood pressure? This was proven in 2009 when a tribal study of Kuna Indians revealed they all had super low blood pressure. Their secret? Drinking five cups of dark chocolate every day!

Chocolate can give you healthy hair
Eating one chocolate bar a week can help reduce hair loss and keep your locks looking luscious, thanks to its properties that help promote blood circulation in your scalp.

It can help digestion
Scientists discovered that chocolate could help with digestion when a four week test found that eating choc caused ‘good bacteria’ in your stomach to multiply and harmful bacteria to decline.


Chocolate can improve your brain power!
One of the properties of chocolate is an antioxidant that could actually make you smarter. US scientists found that milk chocolate bars actually improved their test subjects memory and problem solving skills.

It can actually help you feel slimmer!
Now this health benefit is perhaps the most far fetched of them all, but chocolate does have properties that increase your metabolism and can lower your BMI. This means that technically, eating chocolate a little and often, could actually keep you slim. Whatever next!

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