Heights, the dark, spiders – everyone’s got a little something (or sometimes a big something) that they’re scared of. Phobias can take many forms, from the mild to the severe, and it has been proven that people can have a phobia of pretty much anything in the world – including phobias themselves!

So, when Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid admitted one of her phobias, it probably shouldn’t have been that shocking. However, that didn’t stop her viewers and fans expressing their disbelief when she confessed that she has a phobia of gin.

The revelation happened after news broke that gin could be a cure to help hay-fever sufferers overcome their symptoms. Asthma UK suggested that although drinking a gin and tonic will not cure your symptoms but it certainly won’t worsen them.

So, when hay-fever sufferer Susanna Reid found herself sniffling and sneezing on the GMB sofa, it’s no surprise that she considered fighting her phobia of gin to help with the symptoms.

“Sorry for sniffles & sneezes this morning” Susanna tweeted. “May have to overcome my phobia of gin as I’m told the only effective answer is a G&T.”

Her followers were quick to express their surprise at Susanna’s gin admission.

“Phobia of gin?? There is so many nice ones out there nowadays. Not just your Gordon’s. Rhubarb and ginger is good, try it. Feel better soon” one follower wrote. Meanwhile another quipped, “Gin for the irritating hay-fever, vodka for the irritating Piers Morgan!”

Referencing her ‘irritating’ co-host, Susanna also made a dig at Piers the following day.

Morgan said: “She’s crippled with hayfever at the moment, she’s really beginning to deteriorate. I’ve never seen you so out of control as you are today.”

To which Susanna retorted, “It’s because you’re back in the studio”.