Yes you read that right – you will soon be able to tuck into a bonafide gin and tonic tart!

When it comes to using gin and tonic as a base for recipes, we just can’t get enough. If you thought the recipe for gin chocolate orange cheesecake sounded good, then this supermarket offering is about to blow your taste buds.

gin and tonic tart


The culinary-genius that is Heston Blumenthal has done it again. This time instead of fancy Christmas puds and experimental ice cream flavours he has come up with a dream G & T dessert.

Gin and tonic tart – when is it being served up?

Launching on May 8th in Waitrose stores the Earl Grey & Lemon Gin & Tonic Tart isn’t a looker at first glance, but Heston’s description has certainly got our mouth’s watering.

‘The tart takes inspiration from the fantastic flavours of gin and tonic.

“A velvety lemon and lime custard, fizzy sugar and a splash of my Earl Grey & Lemon Gin make this tart a unique and innovative take on the classic cocktail,” he explained.

We feel a supermarket trolley race coming on! Priced at £5.99 we think this will be worth every penny.
Now the only question is what tipple do we pair it with? A glass of gin and tonic we’re thinking. If so you should definitely check out what the best gin for gin and tonic is!
We like our gin and tonic with extra lime and easy on the soda water. Is this epic combination a little too much or are you ready to push the boundaries of G & T fandom with us?