Ever dreamed of rediscovering your younger self? Now you can with Evian.

The world-famous water, which acquires a unique mineral balance during its 15-year journey through an ancient glacier in the French Alps, and is bottled at source to preserve its purity, has long been helping people renew their energy, revitalise their bodies and live young.

To celebrate this, Evian has just launched a groundbreaking video ad, Baby & Me, showing how people along a street reconnect with their inner youth (and with the pleasure of unselfconscious dancing) when they see their baby selves reflected in a mirrored shop window.

In May, Evian will then unveil the free, fab Baby & Me app for Facebook, Android and iPhone, which employs advanced facial recognition software to reveal a user’s baby face.

You can watch a preview of Evian’s sensational Baby & Me video – newly released and already a YouTube hit – below or follow the buzz on Twitter #evianBabyAndMe

For more information on Evian’s pure Natural Mineral Water, visit evian.com