Diet mac and cheese doesn’t sound that appealing, and as with any ‘diet’ version of our favourite foods, it probably doesn’t taste as good as the real thing.


But what if you could eat your favourite, home cooked mac and cheese, and still stick to your diet? Well a new diet, favoured by stars and celebs, could help you lose weight without having to completely cut out your favourite foods.

The low-carb diet, followed by celebrities such as fitness maven Millie Mackintosh, involves eating three healthy meals a day for six days a week. Then, for one day a week, you’re allowed a ‘treat day’ where you can eat your favourite foods!

Millie Mackintosh

(c) Millie Mackintosh @milliemackintoshofficial

A typical day on the diet might involve having porridge for breakfast, a nice salad for lunch, and something like salmon with vegetables for dinner. Then on your ‘cheat day’ you can eat what you like – within reason! Millie admitted in a recent interview that macaroni and cheese is her ‘fave’ on her cheat days.

The diet requires that you keep up a good exercise regime, with plenty of cardio (get some great cardio tips HERE) and also some toning sessions (make sure you get your daily squats and lunges in or some sit-ups to work those abs).

The reason it works, and you can still lose weight whilst enjoying your favourite foods, is because the cheat day stops you from having to cut anything out ‘forever’. This in turn can prevent any food ‘binges’ that result from serious cravings once you feel like you’ve had to give something up!

So be good for six days a week, and then reward yourself on one day for all your hard work. Simple!