Liven up a selection of flavoured sausages with one of these super sticky coatings!


Honey mustard glaze:

2tbsp runny honey

2tbsp wholegrain mustard

Redcurrant and rosemary:

2tbsp redcurrant jelly

1tbsp red wine vinegar

1tsp rosemary leaves, chopped

Easy barbeque sauce:

2tbsp tomato ketchup

2tbsp Worcestershire sauce

3 x 400g packs sausages, such as pork chipolatas wrapped in bacon, pork and apple and pork and sweet chilli



1 Mix together the honey and mustard in one bowl, redcurrant and rosemary glaze in another bowl and the tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce in a third bowl.

2 Brush the sausages with a selection of glazes.

3 Barbecue (the coals must be white) for 15 mins, turning as needed. (If it’s raining roast at 200C, Gas 6 for 25 mins!)

Per serving: 317 cals, 23g fat (8g saturated), 11g carbs.

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