Sausage, squash and onion toad in the holeWe’ve added chunks of butternut squash and red onion to this classic.





2tbsp vegetable oil

454g packet (8 sausages)

500g butternut squash, cut into 5cm chunks

2 red onions, quartered and sliced

3 large eggs

100g plain flour

1tsp dry mustard

1tsp sea salt

250ml milk


1. Heat the oven to 200°C, Gas 6. Pour the oil into a 30cm x 20cm roasting in, brushing it around the sides of the tin to grease. Add the sausages, squash and onions to the tin and cook for 15 mins.

2. Meanwhile, put the eggs, flour, mustard, salt and milk in a blender or processor and whizz together until smooth.

3. Turn the sausages, squash and onions, then carefully pour in the batter. Cook for 30 mins, until the batter is puffy, golden and shrinking away from the sides of the tin. Slice into wedges and serve.


Per serving: 545 calories, 35g fat (12g saturated), 31g carbs