You may already have these in your kitchen cupboards.

When it comes to flattering our body type, most of us think that what we wear – rather than what we eat – has the biggest influence. But the latest research has turned this idea on it’s head, revealing that we can snack our way to the perfect physique.

So whether you’re a pear shape or an hourglass there is a unique group of snack foods that will perfectly complement your existing shape. And the good news is that when that 4pm slump hits, you’ll know exactly what snacks to eat to help keep you looking your best.

Pear shape

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Pear shapes store their fat around their hips, thighs and bum. Some researchers refer to fat stored in this area as ‘passive fat’, or fat that is difficult to shift as it serves a specific purpose. This can include giving women the supply of fuel they need during childbirth and breastfeeding.

What to snack on: To burn fat opt for low-fat foods including fruit, vegetables, low-fat yoghurt/cottage cheese and foods with complex carbohydrates such as oatcakes.


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Hourglass shapes tend to have wide hips and a nipped in waist, with a little more weight around the middle.

What to snack on: To help achieve that cinched in waist snack on rice cakes spread thinly with peanut butter, cottage cheese or Marmite or opt for a handful of prunes, almonds or Brazil nuts.


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Apples generally carry the largest amount of weight around their middle and have slimmer lower halves. Belly fat can be some of the hardest types of fat to shift, but the good news it that it can be done!

What to snack on: When snack-time hits reach for a few slices of apple spread with peanut butter, celery sticks with a side of hummus or a piece of fresh citrus fruit such as orange, clementine, or grapefruit.

Chilli pepper

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Chilli pepper shapes are narrow all over, and while fat is evenly distributed, making healthy snack choices is still important.

What to snack on: Ideal snack choices for this body type include fruit smoothies, a handful of dried fruit and nuts and protein-rich foods such as Greek yoghurt.