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Thousands of people have transformed their lives with the weight loss plan, including 51 year-old Sarah Jones – who shed an incredible five stone with Slimming World.

Here is her inspirational story:

‘How I got my glam back after shedding five stone with Slimming World’

Image supplied by Sarah Jones

Getting dressed up for a night out was what Sarah Jones, 51, dreaded more than anything.

I took a deep breath, mustered my biggest smile and walked into the room. It was a birthday party for 
a woman I’d worked with over 20 years ago when I was cabin crew, and 
I couldn’t wait to catch up with her and my other flying friends.

I’d spent ages on my make-up and 
hair and was wearing a black, stretchy, size 18-20 dress I had bought especially – the only one in the shop that had fitted without looking ‘too bad’, or so I’d thought at the time. Now, as I caught sight of my still-slim friends, I felt really self-conscious and I hid at the back of the group every time a camera came out. As we reminisced about the good old days, I couldn’t help wondering if my friends were looking at me thinking, ‘She’s really let herself go.’

All through my jetsetting 20s I’d stayed around a size 12-14. Although I’d adored my job, I decided that after my daughter Courtney was born I wasn’t going to return to the airline. Her brother, Alex, came along three years later and 
I struggled to lose the baby weight. I thought simply restricting my portions would work. I was getting so hungry each evening, though, that I started going to bed at the same time as the kids to stop myself from snacking! It was no way to live, so I soon gave up completely and my weight began to rise again.

By the time I went to my friend’s birthday party around Christmas 2013, 
I was the biggest I’d ever been. It wasn’t just about feeling unhappy in a dress – my asthma had been getting worse as my weight increased, and on a recent holiday to Spain, I’d struggled so badly to get up 
a hill that I thought I’d be going down it in an ambulance! My mum had been going to her local Slimming World group and seemed to be really enjoying it, so I decided I’d join in the January – 
what did I have to lose?

As I stood on the scales for the first time my tummy was in knots, and when 16st 3lb flashed up, I couldn’t believe it! Stepping off, I knew exactly what my target was going to be.

Image supplied by Sarah Jones

Focusing on myself

I was determined to lose 5st – and own 
a pair of skinny jeans! I decided Tuesday night at group would be my night – 
a time to focus on me. And the unfailing encouragement and support from other members became the lifeline that helped me all the way to target.

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Image supplied by Sarah Jones

Now I’m back down to a size 12, getting dressed up for parties no longer means going with the only outfit that I think is ‘OK’ – and I love nothing more than putting on a slinky top or dress and some sky-high heels or wedges. The great thing about Slimming World is that I can still socialise – and stay on plan, I just make sure I pick better alternatives. If I fancy a drink, I’ll have 25ml of white rum with diet cola. And if I’m tempted by a sweet treat, one of my favourite treats is a two-finger KitKat Dark instead of a big bag of chocolate. I’m as slim as I was in my cabin-crew days and, at 51 in my new skinny jeans, I feel glamorous again.

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When I think back 
to 2013, feeling awkward at parties seems to have been 
a bit of a theme. This was the stretchy dress I’d squeezed into for my friend’s party and 
I felt so self-conscious posing for photos.

When I was having a difficult week, I’d flick through Slimming World magazine, read how other members had got to target, and think, ‘You can do this, Sarah.’ And I did!

Slimming World

Credit: David Cummings

Me with my daughter Courtney and Mum on holiday. I’m 5st lighter than I was in 2010, and I’m so much happier in a vest and shorts. I don’t feel I’m in my 50s!

Now look at me – feeling chic in my fitted LBD and with my arms on show, too! My husband, Andrew, is so proud of me and supported me at every step of the way.

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