This certainly sounds like one way to get the figure (and man!) of your dreams...


Samantha Craig dropped three dress sizes and lost an amazing four stone. Her secret? It’s all about coffee…

Samantha Craig before…and after!

When she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her, Samantha Craig was at her lowest point. The 25-year-old turned to food as a comfort, eating chocolate or choosing sugary foods as a way to feel better.

“I had an unhealthy relationship with food as it was a natural for me to go and grab some biscuits when something bad happened” Samatha confessed.

At her heaviest, Samantha weighed 14st 7lbs, and at only 5ft 4 inches in height, it meant she was a size 18.

Spending her days working as a massage therapist at a gym in Durham, and faced with body conscious clients who would turn to her for fitness advice, Samantha knew that something had to change. “It was hard for me and I really struggled” she confessed. “I was at rock bottom with my self-confidence.”

Samantha Craig before Skinny Coffee Club

With a family history of health problems playing on her mind, and faced with her weight dilemmas every day, Samantha new it was time for a change.

“I thought I was going to give myself diabetes or end up needing a knee replacement if I didn’t get a hold of my weight” she said.

“Since aged 16, I have done every diet going so I decided to go on a sensible calorie controlled diet which was nutritionally correct for my height and weight. I was quite embarrassed to admit that I was unhappy with my weight, so I did it all by myself. At the same time I found Skinny Coffee Club and used the two week exercise plan they provided which helped me to kick-start my healthy eating and I continue to check my meals against their diet plan.”

Samantha started running to get fit, and after joining the ‘Skinny Coffee Club’ she also ditched her daily latte for their freshly brewed coffee each morning.

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Can't wait for my @skinnycoffeeclub to arrive in time to get me in shape for surgery. 🙏 6 weeks out of the gym is going to be hell. 😫💕 #skinnycoffeeclub #surgeryprep – @seralynne_

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Skinny Coffee Club is laxative free and packed with fat-burning ingredients designed to speed up your metabolism, curb cravings and increase energy, helping you get rid of bloat and lose weight with just one cup of coffee each day, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

The coffee blend, which you can pop into a cafetière each morning, contains coffee and green tea extract to help naturally boost metabolism, plus Garcinia Cambogia said to help reduce appetite. It also has a shot of super charged food spirulina, which is jam packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Thanks to her coffee upgrade and a calorie controlled diet of 1,300 calories per day, Samantha has managed to drop an incredible 4 stone and now weighs 10st 2lbs.

“A year since I started drinking Skinny Coffee Club, I am a size 10, my BMI is healthy and I feel so much more confident. I’ve even met someone new!” Samantha revealed.

Samantha Craig after Skinny Coffee Club

Skinny Coffee Club uses only the best quality ingredients and is just six calories per serving. There are no hidden toxins and it doesn’t contain senna.

Holland & Barrett nutritionist Elizabeth Wall said: “Skinny Coffee Club contains no more caffeine than a normal cup of coffee, so by swapping your morning coffee it is an easy way to help take control of your weight. All the ingredients are natural and contain a considerable amount of beneficial nutrients not found in your bog-standard caffeine hit. We would recommend drinking Skinny Coffee Club as part of a healthy balanced diet to give your wellness plan a boost in the right direction.”

Sachets of Skinny Coffee Club coffee are available from Holland & Barrett for £24.95 for a 28 day programme.