One of the fabulous stars of our Weight Watchers fashion shoot, Fay Endean, 38, reveals how she learned to love her body – and going shopping – after losing over 5 stone…

‘I have always loved fashion, trends and new looks but before I lose weight with Weigh Watchers, I was never confident enough to embrace it. My wardrobe used to be 99% black, baggy and it took me a long time to finally let them go after losing three stone.

I’ve always been a confident person, despite my weight issues and tried to not let them ever intimidate me. I rarely shopped with others whilst I was at my heaviest because it would force me to admit to others that I was a size 20, so instead I shopped very unsuccessfully with my mother which usually ended in tears.

Weight Watchers has given me the confidence, choice and a size 12 figure that I love to show off – no more baggy tops. I’ve never at any stage of losing weight have I felt deprived, its brilliant. Now I have to pinch myself when I subconsciously go to the back of the rail in shops – my ‘fat googles’ I call them.

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