She’s had her ups and downs, but the nation’s sweetheart is back to her best and looking fabulous after dropping two dress sizes…

There’s no doubt that Sheridan Smith is one 
of Britain’s best-loved actresses. Coming towards the end of her acclaimed 
turn as Fanny Brice in the tour of the musical Funny Girl, Sheridan is looking forward to a busy summer. But before then, it appears she’s working on another, more personal project, in a bid to shape up after gaining weight last year to play Julie Bushby in the Shannon Matthews drama The Moorside.

Sheridan Smith

At the Olivier Awards on 9 April, Sheridan explained: “I put on some weight for The Moorside and I’ve still got a load, but I’m trying to lose it. Julie is a lot taller than me so it was about bulking up.”

However, it’s clear that Sheridan, 35, has 
now lost the weight, going down nearly two dress sizes in just FOUR weeks, as she showed off her slimmer shape at the polo in Ascot on 7 May. Fitness consultant Laurel Alper ( tells Woman it looks like Sheridan has lost 
2st. “The more weight you’ve got to 
lose, the quicker it will go,’ says Laurel. ‘Especially if you cut out alcohol – that really makes you bloat. You can see by April she’s already started slimming down, but then it’s a drastic drop.”

Sheridan has been working with personal trainer and nutrition coach Sarah Lindsay, a three-time Olympian and ex-speed skating champion, to get her fitness levels up. Sarah, who has also worked with stars including Mel Sykes, Christine Bleakley and Pixie Lott, runs her own gym, Roar Fitness (, in London and swears by strength training to get good results.

Sarah recommends a minimum 
of three training sessions a week, upping the intensity as you get stronger to avoid reaching a plateau. Plus, she suggests meal plans that are high in fats, vegetables and proteins – something Sheridan appears to have taken on board, as she has posted her love of Protein Haus shakes on her Instagram.

“To become strong and increase muscle will improve your metabolism and keep fat off long term,”says Sarah.

“It’s also really nice to be strong. To be physically capable of doing anything gives you huge confidence, and more and more people are looking for a more athletic, stronger physique instead of just thinner.”

We say keep at it, Sheridan, you’re looking bloomin’ brilliant!

Sheridan Smith – here’s how she did it!

A typical diet plan
✱ 2,000 calories a day
✱ No snacking after  dinner


150g of smoked salmon, a poached egg and half an avocado, or an omelette
Half an avocado or handful of nuts
Beef stir-fry or Thai chicken curry
250 calorie snack as above
Post-workout snack
Protein shake
Lean meat or white fish with vegetables

Drink 3 litres of water a day
Supplements Multivitamins, fish oil, zinc and probiotics

3 x 60 min workout a week
Do ‘compound exercises’, using dead lifts, chest presses, bar squats, lunges and box steps with weights.
2 x cardio sessions a week

Sarah’s training tips

Sarah says: “The correct weight training programme will not only blast away body fat at a dizzying pace, but, more importantly, it will provide the tone and shape to your body that endless pounding away on treadmills and spin classes simply does not do.”

Here are her must-do tips to get the best out of your body…

1) Do big lifts
13-15 reps of a dead-lift exercise will work your back, glutes and hamstrings and help raise your metabolism.
2) Less is more
Just 45 minutes of intense weight training – doing one set of reps, then switching to a different body part – is worth five hours on the treadmill when it comes to losing fat.
3) Get help
Don’t be afraid or too intimidated to ask an expert. It’s the best way to avoid injury and make the most of your training, so make friends with your gym’s instructor, or other users who look like they know their stuff!