You can prepare this dessert the day before. Chill and decorate on the day.

Classic trifle makeover! We’ve used dessert wine instead of sherry, and ricotta cheese with a good dollop of vanilla bean paste instead of custard. It’s lighter, quicker and lovlier!!

Get ahead: You can make this dessert the day before and refrigerate it.

SERVES 8  PREP 15 MINS plus chilling


375ml bottle dessert wine (we used Brown Brothers Orange Muscat and Flora)

1 orange, finely grated zest and juice

150g sponge fingers or Savoiardi lady fingers

500g ricotta

50g golden caster sugar

2tbsp vanilla bean paste

50g cocktail cherries, drained and chopped

400g raspberries

4tbsp caster sugar

300ml double cream

100g dark chocolate with orange and spices (we used Green & Black’s Maya Gold)


1 Put the wine into a pan with the orange zest and orange juice and simmer for 10 mins, to reduce and become syrupy, then cool.

2 Arrange half the sponge fingers in the base of a glass bowl, breaking as necessary, to fit.

3 Put the ricotta into a bowl with the golden caster sugar and vanilla bean paste, stir to combine. Mix in the cocktail cherries.

4 Pour half the orange wine syrup over the sponge fingers. Top with half the raspberries, sprinkle over 2tbsp caster sugar.

5 Spoon on the vanilla ricotta mixture.

6 Arrange the rest of the sponge fingers in the bowl, breaking as needed to fit. Pour on the remaining orange wine syrup.

7 Whip the cream until softly peaking. Spoon large dollops of cream around the sides of the bow. Pile the remaining raspberries in the centre and sprinkle with 2tbsp caster sugar.

8 Grate the chocolate and sprinkle over the cream. Chill until needed.

Per serving: 418 cals, 24g fat (15g saturated), 38g carbs