Short on time or strapped for cash, these quick and easy low calorie lunches will leave you feeling full without breaking the bank (or your diet!)

Low calorie lunches can be hard to come by – especially when it’s so quick and easy to grab a sandwich from your local shop or supermarket during your lunch hour. We all know though that supermarket sandwiches can contain loads of sugar and sat fat (the ultimate diet no no), so we’ve come up with some ideas for low calorie lunches that will keep you feeling full without compromising your diet!

Great for 5:2 diet days or when you’re short on cash, or time – how many lunches this week have you eaten at your desk? – these ideas for low calorie lunches could be a real saviour!

Just scroll through the gallery above, and if something takes your fancy, find the link to buy or the recipe below…

Low calorie lunches – links to buy and our recipes:

Sainsbury’s four bean salad – Buy it here!

Pitta and houmous lunch – Get the recipe here!

Weightwatchers tomato soup – Buy it here!

Tesco healthy living broccoli and tomato quiche – Buy it here!

Weightwatchers love fibre wholemeal and white pitta breads – Buy it here!

Jacket potato lunch – Find the recipe here!

Greek yoghurt – Find the recipe here!

Ocado Soupologie Super Soup – Buy it here!

5:2 LighterLife Fast Fragrant Thai Noodles – Buy it here!


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