Britain has been declared the country that loves prosecco the most. Even more that its home land, Italy!

If you love prosecco, you’ll adore our prosecco recipes! Read on to discover 11 genius ways to pimp up your prosecco – no past cocktail experience required…

The beauty about prosecco, other than it’s tasty and affordable, is that it’s the perfect drink for ALL year round! From birthday and anniversary celebrations to a weekend treat, Easter tipple and summer sparkler, Prosecco is still one of the nations favourite corks to pop! And we can totally see why…

We’ve found 9 ways to pimp up your prosecco to really impress your friends with, or why not just treat yourself to something new this Saturday night!

From a fruity prosecco cocktail, to frozen fruit sticks for a party, a sorbet rich refresher and a new and interesting way to mix beer and prosecco together, scroll down below to see 9 genius ways to pimp up your Prosecco – quick!

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Which one of the below drink or idea will you be trying at home this weekend? We think the strawberry sparkly spritzer could be a total winner! Hello Friday night!