Pineapple-and-chilli-juiceHere’s a flavour sensation you really need to try – pineapple and chilli! The fruity, fiery taste works so well together.



500g pineapple

½ vanilla pod

30ml white balsamic vinegar

5g chopped red chilli

60g caster sugar

300ml apple juice or pineapple juice


1. Skin the pineapple, cut into small pieces and marinade for two hours in the fridge with the vinegar, sugar, chilli and the seeds of the vanilla pod.

2. In a small pot simmer all the ingredients at a low heat, apart from the apple juice until the pineapple is about half cooked leave to cool down. (If you have a sous-vide cooker, put all the marinated ingredients in a vacuum bag and cook at 65c for about 1 ½ hours for a more intense flavour)

3. Add the pineapple compote to the apple juice in a blender with some crushed ice and blend until smooth. Serve in a tall glass.


Suchef – sealedinflavour.com