Prosecco, how we love you. Tastier than Cava, cheaper than champagne, it’s become the drink of choice for that Friday night tipple. After all, what better way to celebrate the weekend then with some bubbles? 

But nothing ruins your 2nd (ok 3rd) glass like remembering how many calories are in your favourite Friday night treat.

So some clever, clever people at Thomson & Scott decided to team up with Selfridges to create a lower sugar version that we can all enjoy, guilt free! 

A typical glass of Prosecco has around 90 calories, where as Skinny Prosecco comes in at 67. While this may not be a huge difference, it all adds up when you’re sharing a couple of bottles between friends…

Plus, there’s a whole gram less sugar per GLASS. So drinking this Prosecco is actually healthy. Sort of.

If you fancy picking up a bottle, it’s £17.99 from Selfridges. We’re sold! 

And this week, we’ve also had the news that diet prosecco is now available on tap in pubs across London. At only 65 cals a glass, you can enjoy a few without having to worry about your calorie intake drastically shooting up.

The Gancia Leggero – ‘Light prosecco’ – also has 75% less sugar than normal prosecco – amazing!

Here’s a list of pubs in London that are stocking the drink:

Pubs stocking ‘diet’ prosecco:

Cannick Tapps, City;

Green Dragon, Croydon;

Britannia, Monument;

Argyle London, Farringon;

Temperance, Fulham;

George, Woodford;

The Green, Shepherds Bush;

Vineyard, Islington;

William Blake, Old Street;

Earl Of Camden, Camden;

Alice; Aldgate;

Bonds, Mayfair;

Crutched Friar; Fenchurch st;

Minories, Tower Hill;

Famous Cock Tavern, Islington;

Nags Head, Islington;

Pembroke Castle, Primrose Hill;

Trader, Whitecross.

 And while we’re at it, here are a few of our favourite ways to drink Prosecco…

With strawberries in a spring time spritzer


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With tequila in an extra special margarita 


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With peach sorbet as a delicious drink/dessert combo 


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