Alcoholic drinks are inevitably going to bump up your calorie count, but some tipples are less deadly than others!


Low calorie alcoholic drinks that aren’t full of sugar are hard to find. However they’re normally the most in demand! Especially when we’re calorie counting. It is often only when you are trying to be good that you soon realise it is alcoholic drinks, rather than food, that add up the most quickly!

We are firm believers that a little bit of what you fancy does you good, and you can still stick to the diet as long as you’re savvy with your calorie intake.

Take a look at our complete list of diet-friendly alcoholic drinks in the gallery. Where does your favourite tipple rank? The list also gives you the chance to  find a few diet-friendly alternatives to try next time you’re in the pub on a Friday night – some of these diet-friendly alcoholic drinks may surprise you!

low calorie alcoholic drinks diet-friendly

For example, a glass of Prosecco is actually fewer calories than a white wine. Especially this low calorie prosecco!  (If that’s not an excuse to drink bubbles, we don’t know what is!)

Plus, making a small change such as opting for a diet or sugar-free mixer can make your favourite tipple a lot lower in calories. In some instances you can even enjoy two of the single spirit and diet mixer for the same calorie intake of one full-fat mixer and spirit!

From a refreshing gin and tonic, to tequila on the rocks or an ice cold beer there are so many low calorie alcoholic drink options. You just need to know what you are looking for. With this break down of low calorie alcoholic drinks, you’ll never have to say no to a catch-up over cocktails or feel guilty heading to the bar after work for a quick drink with your colleagues.

So what are we waiting for?! Let’s find a happy hour and order one of these low

Skinny Moscow Mule – 80 calories

Ditch the sugar syrup and opt for a diet ginger beer and this tasty tipple only comes to around 80 calories. Best served over lots of ice with a good squeeze of lime juice.

Red Wine – 75 calories

A small glass has around 75 calories, depending on levels of sweetness. So it is possible to enjoy a glass of red and not break your diet but you’ll have to check across different varieties.

A flute of champagne – 84 cals

The best festive tipple? A glass of champers! The real deal will cost you just over 80 calories but it is totally worth it.

Bloody Mary – 90 calories

This is perhaps the ultimate cocktail for any dieter.

Mojito – 92 calories

When opting for a cocktail, a refreshing mojito is a diet-friendly choice (just make sure you skip on the sugar syrup!) Make your own at home using white rum, mint and a sprinkle of brown sugar, topped with lime juice and soda water. Alternatively, you could use some ICE branded lemon and lime flavoured sparkling water.

A half-pint of beer – 82 calories

Believe it or not, a half-pint of beer is only 82 calories!

Pimm’s & Diet Lemonade premixed can, £1.95 – 91 calories

The perfect accompaniment to a summer picnic or an afternoon watching the tennis, these pre-mixed cans of Pimms are super convenient!

A gin and tonic – 97 calories

For years gin lovers have rejoiced that their favourite spirit is also pretty low in calories. Did you also know gin is one of the best spirits for hay fever sufferers. It won’t aggravate your symptoms in the same way that beer or wine can. Win win!

Tequila and soda mix – 69 calories

Ditch the sugary Long Island Iced Tea for this simple but delicious combination. It’s far healthier than the super-calorific cocktail but just as enjoyable.

A martini – 73 calories

If you are keen to make the most of happy hour without ruining your diet, this is perfect cocktail to choose.

A single Malt whiskey – 72 calories

This is one of the healthier dark spirits to opt for at just over 70 calories for a single shot.

A single vodka, lime and soda – 76 cals

This is a real thirst-quencher and is super tasty.

A Bacardi single and diet coke – 58 calories

This is one of the best diet-friendly spirits by a mile! Ditching the full-fat coke makes a huge difference. In fact you can have two single Bacardi and diet cokes for the one calorie more.

Greenall’s Ready Mixed Cocktails, from £1.90 a can – from 125 calories per can

A selection are available from Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Booths.

A small glass of white wine – 87 calories

If you love nothing more than a cold, crisp glass of white wine on a summers evening, it is best to opt for a small. This way you won’t damage your dieting efforts too badly.

Single vodka and slim-line tonic – 50 calories

This low calorie alcoholic drink is less fattening than an orange juice!

Standard of flute of Prosecco – 80 calories

You don’t have to skip on the bubbles if you’re trying to be good.