Apeol sprtiz was made for summer! 2 parts aperol, 1 part prosecco and a dash of soda – drinks don’t come much more refreshing than this.

But they can be rather expensive to make. Aperol is currently £15 at Sainsbury’s, and you also need prosecco, soda water. Plus the oranges and fun straws for decoration.

So when we heard that Lidl was selling its own version of Aperol for HALF the price, we were rather excited!

Bitterol‘ does the job quite nicely, with the same bitter and sweet orange taste as the original.

Looks like it does the job to us!

Hello friday, we've been waiting for you! 🍷🍹🍸 #drink #aperolspritz #birthdays #fathersday #73 #prosecco #bitterol #soda #orange

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And at £7.99, you can afford to buy a few!