Baby, it’s cold outside! And while we may want to stay tucked up in bed, we all have to go outside now that the holidays are over.

So, whether it’s during the morning commute, lunchtime or a mid afternoon break, we all love to take a trip to the coffee shop for a hot cup of something nice to warm us up and give us a well needed a boost. But could this habit be piling on the pounds?

We know about the calorie content in our favourite foodie treats, but do you think about cutting calories in your coffee?

This guide will give you all the facts and tips you need to decide which hot drink will help or hinder that January diet (you know, the one that we are all begrudgingly trying to stick to!)

Ever wondered just how many calories you add to your hazelnut latte when you say yes to whipped cream? Or how much a shot of syrup will cost you in fat content? We have the answers!

We’ll let you know the calorie, fat and caffeine content of your most popular hot drinks and give you tips on how you can easily cut the calories to make them healthier… easy!