And we are VERY excited about it....


First there was the Gin Hotel, and now there’s something even more exciting around the corner… A whole-three-festival dedicated to our favourite bubbly concoction – Prosecco!

‘Prosecco Springs’ – the ultimate Prosecco festival – is taking place this weekend at Oval Space in East London, and will give visitors the change to learn more about our favourite fizz during informal talks, booze-fuelled masterclasses and tasting sessions.

There will also be plenty of Prosecco-based activities throughout the day, too!

A whole host of Prosecco experts are flying over from the Prosecco homeland in Northern Italy to teach us more about different varieties. Learn more about food and Prosecco pairings, as well as which grape varieties you prefer.

It’s not just about getting an education in fizz at Prosecco Springs. They’ll also be a eclectic line-up of jazz quartets, live vocalists and internationally renowned DJs.

Go to to find out more…. We’d advise getting in there quick! Learn more about the event on Facebook here, where you can share with your friends and click attending, too.

What do you think? Would you like to a Prosecco-themed festival or is gin more your thing? How about whisky tasting? Or a cocktail making class? What have you been to before and loved? Let us know on our Facebook page… We love hearing your views!