This is not a drill. The box of 10 nuggets is said to taste just as good as those from McDonalds and they are cheaper!

It is okay to admit that McDonald’s chicken nuggets are your guilty pleasure, we’ve all been there. But when a box of just nine nuggets costs £3.19 it can be a tough commitment to make. Especially when that chicken mayo burger is just 99p…

lidl chicken nuggets

Luckily for you, and everyone who is inclined to the odd nugget, a supermarket has come to the rescue. Not only have people been saying the nuggets taste just as good, they cost nearly half the price!

The certain supermarket in question? None other than the low-cost one-stop shop for all of your essentials – Lidl!

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Yes, Lidl’s chicken nuggets cost £1.69 for a pack of 10 (because a box of nine is pretty annoying).

Lidl’s nuggets are also chilled – not frozen – which means less cooking time! So although it might not be as fast as your McDonald’s order, these nuggets are pretty darn close.

A wonderful person shared the find on Facebook in the group 10 ways to have more money. Ever since, people everywhere have been going crazy.

And, you can see why. The box is crazily similar in design and they come with a curry and sweet and sour dip. And now, not only can you pre-empt your post-night out food cravings, you can save money doing it!

The Metro have reached out to Lidl to find out if all stores stock the nuggets and if it is for a limited time only. The concerns surfaced after someone commented on the post saying that they worked at Lidl and that the nuggets are not something they sell regularly.

She said: “It’s a special offer so once it’s gone it’s gone. Grab them while you can because they are delicious!”

Our fingers are crossed that if these are a limited addition item, the hype around them will encourage Lidl keep them as a permanent member of the chilled aisle!