It’s official! Eating chocolate makes you smarter! This may well be the best news since we found out that a glass of champers can boost your brain health.

A recent study tested out the relationship between eating chocolate and cognitive functions. And the results are very interesting indeed….

The study began in the ‘70s and tracked over 1,000 people in New York over three decades.

It was originally started to explore the relationship between people’s blood pressure and brain performance. But after significant testing, researches began to see a correlation between eating chocolate and brain health.

The people who ate chocolate did better in mental testing in comparison to people who didn’t, with particular improvements to memory and abstract thinking.

“It’s significant – it touches a number of cognitive domains,” psychologist Merrill Elias, one of the leaders of the study, told the Washington Post.

This, combined with the fact that a little bit of chocolate now and again is good for your heart, can help prevent strokes and protects your skin from the sun means there’s only one thing you should be doing this evening…. Investing in a bar of Dairy Milk (or Galaxy, or Green&Blacks… whatever your chocolate preference!) is a VERY good idea.

What do you think? Is being a chocoholic goof for your health? Little and often ok? What’s your favourite bar? Let us know on our Facebook page…