Pick a thirst quencher that is packed with healthy benefits, not empty calories!

We all love a hot drink to start the day, or a mid afternoon pick me up… But is your drink making you fat?

Have you been watching what you eat, but still finding it hard to shift the pounds? Well, you might need to watch what you drink instead! Drinks can be filled with empty calories that will pile on the pounds without even making you feel full.

Our handy guide will tell you exactly how many calories are in your favourite drinks, so you know which to opt for and which to avoid. And remember, even if you indulge in the odd treat now and again, be sure to flush it out with plenty of water!

We grilled dietitian Emer Delaney for her top weight loss tips. Here are a few easy ways to cut a few extra calories out when it comes to drinks…


Opt for semi skimmed milk in coffee as it contains fewer calories but has the same amount of calcium.


Choose smoothies and juices that contain pulp, as the fibre slows the release of sugar into your system.


Be sure to check the added sugar content and go for one that contains a sweetener instead.