Jackie Trinder, 63, has been maintaining her weight with Weight Watchers since 1977. So she was delighted to take part in our photo shoot to launch the new Weight Watchers Weight Loss Wardrobe with Debenhams…

When I first joined Weight Watchers, the plan consisted of five fish meals a week, liver once a week and no alcohol – how times have changed! Except for during my four pregnancies, I’ve been attending Weight Watchers to maintain my weight ever since. I love how the plan has changed and been adapted over the years. These days I couldn’t live without Weight Watchers Online and I love chatting on the forums.

I have had some hideous shopping experiences, especially being petite – even now I still think I need to wear ‘bag wear’. Knowing what suits your shape and having the confidence to try new styles is great though, which is why I loved taking part in the Woman shoot so much. I hope the Weight Loss Wardrobe will give women at all stages of their weight loss journey the chance to do the same.

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