First you need a good recipes for pancake batter, try our Food Editor’s basic batter.

What should the pancake mixture look like?

* The mixture needs to be the consistency of double cream.  A thinner mixture, which is more like the consistency of single cream – will make extremely thin pancakes, which will be very tricky to turn over.

* If you’re new to making pancakes, the thicker the mixture, the easier it will be to turn over the pancakes.

* Our Woman recipe combines  100g flour, 2 eggs and 300ml of milk. Start off adding 200ml of milk – better to have too little milk than too much!



What pan should I use?

Keep one pan at home just for pancakes! It needs to be non-stick and shallow.


Q Help! I’ve followed the recipe and the pancakes are still sticking?

A Always heat the pan up with 1tsp sunflower oil until really hot before adding the mixture. Repeat between pancakes. Use a palette knife to turn them over.