You'll love these simple but effective tips.

Trimming our tummies is normally easier said than done. And if the thought of doing endless stomach crunches and ditching your favourite foods doesn’t appeal, then these top tips on how to lose belly fat could be the answer to your fitness prayers.

Just a few small adjustments to your daily routine could equal big results when it comes to your tum. A quick overhaul of your fridge here. And a firming product there could help to give you that washboard stomach in next to no time.

And with party season approaching, our fail-safe how to lose belly flat plan could mean that, that LBD bodycon is back on the menu. Hooray! So what are you waiting for?

With more than 20 tips to scroll through, there’s something to suit everyone. And every step you take will get you closer to that flat stomach dream. And once you’ve achieved your goal, you’ll have the perfect excuse to head out and buy a whole new wardrobe.

Belly fat banished

It’s surprisingly simple to get the outline you want and there’s no better time than the present to get to work. And if you’re feeling inspired by this, why not try?: