There's a reason this diet is a favourite of so many Hollywood A-listers!

Ever wondered how to cut sugar from your diet? Well here’s the answer!

There’s much more to cutting sugar out of your diet than banning fizzy drinks and sweets, but just follow these simple tips on how to cut sugar from your diet and you’ll lose weight AND boost your health in no time…


  • Don’t ignore cravings

You can still satisfy cravings, but in a healthy way! Reach for a piece of fruit or natural yoghurt with a spoonful of honey.


  • Always go for fresh, rather than tinned, soup.

Did you know that Heinz Tomato Soup has a massive 5 tsp of sugar in it! Make sure you go for the none-tinned variety, or, even better, make your own!

  • Stock up on good fats

Too much sweet stuff can cause your blood sugar to rise and fall rapidly, leaving you hungry sooner. Snacking on good fats, like avocado, almonds and cooking with olive oil, will help regulate blood sugar and stop sweet cravings.


  • Treat yourself!

A treat doesn’t have to be sweet. If you’ve got a chocolate craving in the evening, distract yourself with a hot bath, or episode of your favourite TV show.

  • Stay hydrated

It’s easy to confuse sugar cravings with thirst, so make sure you stay hydrated to avoid reaching for the sweet stuff. Add a slice of lemon and lime with ice for a refreshing twist.


  • Watch out for sugar’s sneaky secret names

When checking food labels, don’t just check for ‘sugar’, as it comes in plenty of other forms that are just as fattening. Watch out for fructose corn syrup, dried cane syrup, invert sugar, molasses, and sucrose.

  • Eat veg, rather than fruit

Fruit is naturally high in sugar, where as most veg has hardly any! That doesn’t mean you need to cut it out completely, just reduce your intake to one or two portions a day.


  • Stick with it

While at first, cutting out sugar may seem like an impossible task, your taste buds WILL adjust and super sweet foods like ice cream and chocolate will start to taste too sweet. You’ll notice natural sweetness in fruit, and veg will taste better, too!

  • Get creative with new spices and flavours

With so many exciting flavours to choose from, there’s no need to reach for the sweet stuff. Try cinnamon in your porridge or vanilla in your latte.


  • Don’t opt for diet

‘Diet’ drinks and options might seem like the healthier choice, but they actually are associated with weight gain and have just as many nasties in there! Choose a more natural alternative to keep your intake down.

  • Buy unsweetened

Your best bet for reducing sugar during your weekly food shop is buying unsweetened versions of your favourite foods.