Many of us make the resolution to cut down on sugar. We all know that the sweet stuff bad for us, but it can be difficult to find the willpower to resist it.

When the mid-afternoon slump hits and you get a craving for something tasty, it can be difficult to stay strong.

It’s recommended that we stick to 5 teaspoons of sugar a day in order to avoid increasing our risk of heart disease, diabetes and tooth decay.

In order to curb those cravings, some decide to opt for snacks and treats that they believe to be lower in sugar. However, not all snacks are as innocent as they seem and the amount of sugar that they contain may shock you.

If you’re thinking of trying a low sugar diet, be sure to check the labels of the items that you’re putting in your basket to see if they’re as healthy as you think.

Some of our snack and lunchtime favourites are actually pretty high in the sweet stuff. You don’t need to cut it out completely, but by being aware of how much sugar your favourite foods contain, you can snack a lot more smartly.

Take a look at these high sugar snacks… Some of them may surprise you!