There are a few things that a glass of red wine can’t cure. From Malbec to Merlot and everything in between, a trusty sup of vino can turn even the most frazzled of moments into fabulous ones.

How many calories in a glass of red wine?

And don’t even get us started on the accompanying cheese boards! Present us with slab of Stilton, a full bodied red and a few grapes thrown in for good measure and we’re in heaven.

As if all that wasn’t good reason enough to get those corks popping it turns out that red wine is actually rather good for you as well! Who knew?

But while we’d happily glug on the good stuff until the cows come home, we can’t help but worry about that pesky calorie count.

The burning question

We wouldn’t dare broach the question on a girl’s night out but we kind of want to know ‘how many calories are in a glass of red wine?’. Partly because we want to leave room for that side order of olives and partly well…because with the right info we can trade 175ml for 250ml!

So here’s the answer. A standard glass of red or white wine (175ml) with 13% ABV could contain up to 160 calories!

A quick look at the list below (50z = around 142ml of wine) also throws up some interesting points to consider.

As you can see the larger the alcohol percentage, the higher the calories! And there’s also a big difference between sweet and dry wines!

This won’t put us off our occasional indulgence, but it has definitely given us some room for thought!

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