There’s nothing more comforting than warm molten chocolate! This hot chocolate soup is a twist on melting chocolate puddings – in fact, if you cook these for a few minutes extra they will turn into them.


50g butterchocolate soup

50g milk chocolate, broken into squares

25g dark chocolate. broken into squares

40g cocoa

2tbsp runny honey

2 large eggs, separated

100g golden caster sugar

227g clotted cream




1 Heat oven to 150C, Gas 2. Melt butter and chocolates in a small pan over a low heat.

2 Remove from the heat, stir in the cocoa, honey and egg yolks and 3tbsp clotted cream to make a paste.

3 Whisk the egg whites until stiff, gradually whisk in the sugar.

4 Fold the egg whites and sugar into the chocolate paste.

5 Divide amongst 6 heatproof cups or ramekins. Put on a tray and bake for 10 mins just until a thin crust forms on the top, but underneath is still runny.

6 Top each one with a small scoop of clotted cream. Serve straight away!

Per serving: 487 cals. 39g fat (23g saturated), 29g carbs