Everyone wants to know what the secrets to the recent Holly Willoughby weight loss pictures are. After stunning fans with a gorgeous outfit showing off her slender figure and slim pins at the Glamour magazine Awards, the star has posted increasingly slimmer looking snaps to her Instagram account.

holly willoughby glamour awards

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Well, we’ve done some digging to find out what they secret is behind those recent Holly Willoughby weight loss snaps…

Holly Willoughby weight loss secrets revealed…

How to get a Holly Willoughby bikini body

The 36-year-old’s incredible figure is reportedly all thanks to Holly’s new found passion for pilates!

The This Morning presenter has been doing weekly pilates sessions at home and it has helped tone her up in all the right places. According to The Sun Holly has been training with Lynne Robinson, director of top London fitness studio Body Control Pilates.

Speaking to the paper Lynne said: “Holly had postnatal matt work classes which concentrated on strengthening and toning her core.”

holly willoughby weight loss

What does a day on the Holly Willoughby diet look like?

Holly Willoughby also ‘fessed up to Asda Good Living about what she eats every day to stay looking so slim. Here’s an average day’s food diary for the stunning star:


Yogurt, granola and berries


“I’m ravenous after filming so lunch is a jacket potato with beans, cottage cheese and salad”

holly willoughby diet this morning


In the evenings, Holly enjoys real home-cooked comfort food that is filling and nutritious for the whole family. “I love cooking dig-in dishes like shepherd’s pie” she revealed.

If Holly is eating out, she still tries to stick to protein-rich meals with low carbs – although just like us she can’t always resist getting some chips! When she’s not snacking on sushi at Nobu, Holly revealed, “I’m also a fan of rotisserie chicken with chips, coleslaw or corn on the cob.”

But, the busy mum also admitted that although she tries to eat healthily as much as possible, she also doesn’t want to be, “militant about nutrition.” In between eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, the TV star also allows herself the occasional naughty treat, “I love a processed cheese slice” she confessed!

And, if she’s feeling really naughty and in need of a sweet treat? Holly’s go-to sugar craving busting dessert in a Belgian Chocolate Häagen-Daz with melted chocolate! YUM!

Although we’re sure the super slim star doesn’t indulge all the time, Holly will probably be the first to tell you it’s all about moderation. If you’re as healthy as you can be during the week, surely you’re allowed a little rest for one day at the weekend? “Sundays don’t count!” Holly agrees. We like the way you think Willoughby!