Looking for a healthy meaty meal that really fills you up? Pork fits the bill perfectly – it’s lean and a good source of protein. Swirling in the yogurt gives it a surprisingly creamy taste too.

casseroleSERVES  4 PREP 10 mins

COOK 50 mins

 400g pork tenderloin, cubed

2tsp sweet smoked paprika

500g passata with garlic and herbs

500g potatoes, quartered

500g natural yogurt

 1 Heat oven to 190C, Gas 5.  Heat a large non-stick flameproof casserole, add the pork, season generously, sprinkle on the paprika and fry for 5 mins to brown, turning as needed.

2 Add the passata, potatoes and 350ml water. Bring to the boil, cover and cook for 40 mins until the meat and potatoes are tender.

3  Serve a generous dollop of natural yogurt on top of each portion to serve.

Per serving:  343cals, 8g fat, (4g saturated) 35g carbs


Add a splash of oil when frying the pork if you haven’t a non-stick pan and a chopped onion if you like. Finish with a sprinkling of parsley.