Thank. Goodness.


We love a gin. Whether it’s paired with tonic. In a cocktail. Or even on toast in a boozy preserve… it’s the best. There’s even gin-making courses, and a beautiful boutique hotel dedicated to the spirit of the moment.

But as juniper supplies have dwindled and demand has remained high, the future of gin has been called into question. *gasps*

Juniper is gin’s vital ingredient, giving it its delicious and distinctive flavour. But a deadly fungus-like organism, Phytophthora austrocedri, has been damaging juniper plants in Scotland. As Scotland is one of the main areas of growth, this is disastrous for gin production. 

Cue the hero of this tale – the UK National Tree Seed Project. They’ve been secretly collecting and storing juniper plants… all so that we can still enjoy G&Ts in abundance. The seeds will be stored in the Millennium Seed Bank in Wakehurst, Sussex.

While there is no cure for the disease right now, the work of the UK National Tree Seed Project means juniper plants should be saved from extinction.

Leon Dalloway, founder of Gin Journey, has a contingency plan should all else fail. He said: “I know at least one fairly large London distillery where they have a ‘secret room’. It contains a year’s extra stock in case there is a plight.”

Do tell, Mr Dalloway, and take us there right now please. 

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