Did somebody say gin flavoured jam?

Yes, that’s right. 2016 may have been a tumultuous year, but it’s also been a year of marvellous culinary creations. We’ve had frozen rosé – Frosé. Red wine brownies. An anti-ageing chocolate bar. A delicious array of booze-related sweet treats. And now, behold, gin flavoured jam.

Gin flavoured jam

Created by gin-lover Michael Sampson, this intriguing new preserve combines a heady mix of pear and gooseberry along with gin to create a sticky sweet treat that will ensure brunch as we know it will never be the same again.


“Spread it on your bread. Stick it on your scones. Pop it in your porridge. Mix it into your cocktail. Or just spoon it straight from the jar and into your mouth if nobody’s looking. This is your jam, and you can do whatever you want with it – go wild.”

Fancy trying it? You can order it from recently launched online food and drink marketplace, Tabl.


They do more than just gin jam too. Varieties include Amaretto Jam and brandy jam. Plus, for when December rolls around and it’s Christmas, treat yourself to the very festive sounding Christmas Pudding flavoured jam too! We’re looking forward to that festive feeling already!