First it was the tins of Christmas chocolates. Then, a few of our favourite chocolate bars. It seemed that big chocolate brands were suddenly deciding to shrink their products without lowering their prices.

Now, it seems all chocolate bars could soon be shrinking before our eyes. However, it’s not to increase company profits as many critics of the small sugary snacks have suggested.

The real reason lies with a growing concern over the obesity crisis in the UK. Of all the children in the UK aged between two and 15, nearly a third of them are obese.

As a result, some of your favourite chocolate bars from companies such as Mars, Nestlé and Mondelez could be forced to shrink their chocolate bars by up to 20%.

This will form part of the government’s plan to tackle childhood obesity.

“Evidence shows that slowly changing the balance of ingredients in everyday products, or making changes to product size, is a successful way of improving diets,” reads the government’s plan.

“All sectors of the food and drinks industry will be challenged to reduce overall sugar across a range of products that contribute to children’s sugar intakes by at least 20% by 2020, including a 5% reduction in year one.

“This can be achieved through reduction of sugar levels in products, reducing portion size or shifting purchasing towards lower sugar alternatives.”

While many will mourn the downsizing of their favourite chocolate bars, at least they can take some comfort from the fact that they will still be able to enjoy the same great taste.

Chocolate bar manufacturers have chosen to reduce bar sizes, instead of change the recipes by reducing the sugar content in each bar, in order for the bars to taste the same.

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