We've always thought that eating fat = putting on weight. No exceptions.



But according to nutrition expert Dr David Ludvig, incorporating good fats into your diet will help you burn more calories and lose weight. Get filling your plates with avocados, nuts, eggs, dark chocolate and oily fish, which are also packed with youth-boosting vitamins and minerals – win/win!

Ludvig’s principle works on the fact that not all calories are the same. In his experiment, he tested the amount of calories burnt while on 3 different diets.

The first was low-fat, 20 per cent, 60 per cent carbs, the second was 60 per cent fat, and the third was 40 per cent fat, 40 per cent carbs. All diets had the same calorie intake, yet it was the high fat diet that saw dieters burn more calories.

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“Energy expenditure (metabolism/calorie burning) plummeted on the low fat diet. On the low carb (high fat) diet, energy expenditure – metabolic rate – didn’t drop at all,” said Dr Ludvig.

In fact, the Atkins-style low-carb, high-fat diet resulted in 325 extra calories burnt per day.

Now we’re not suggesting that we should all be on the Atkins Diet, far from it. But Dr Ludvig’s research does remind us that not all fats are necessarily bad for us.

Fundamentally, Dr Ludvig is saying that we shouldn’t calorie count (wahey!) but instead focus more on the nutritional value of what you are eating.

“If you simply focus on calorie restriction with the wrong food, you’re going to be setting up a battle with mind and metabolism that you’re likely doomed to lose.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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