We know these are mad but they’re topical and the children can have fun assembling them on their own.


4 flat-based ice-cream wafer cones

200g diced mango

4 exotic Solero ice-cream lollies or similar

Honey in a squeezy bottle

4 small Union Jack cake toppers






1. Stand the ice-cream cones on a tray and spoon in the diced mango pieces equally between the four cones.

2. Unwrap the lollies and carefully put one into each of the cones.

3. Squeeze a small blob of honey on to a Union Jack cake topper and gently press on to the side of each lolly.  Repeat on the other three to make a complete set of Olympic torches. Eat immediately.

Per Serving: 155 cals, 0.5g fat (0g saturated) 30g carbs.

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