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When it comes to the best way lose weight, many serial dieters have tried it all. From juicing to high protein diets and everything in between – if it’ll help us shift a few pounds, we’ll give it a go.

Now new research has revealed that the days of swinging from one fad meal plan to another could be well and truly over. Conducted by lead author Dr Courtney Peterson – it found that squeezing in our daily dose of meals between 8am and 2pm could hold the key to achieving our weight loss goals.

Speaking to the Daily Mail online she said:

“When you’re eating between 8pm and 2am, you’re eating as much as you’re burning but you keep more muscle and lose more fat.”

While this all sounds well and good, we can’t help mourning for our afternoon tea break already! Luckily, Dr Peterson has happy news on that front as well.

“We were surprised because we thought people would get hungrier at night if they finished eating by 2pm,” she confessed.

“But we think this is because as you’re getting closer to bedtime, the body is thinking, “I haven’t had enough calories yet”.

“And on the 8am to 2pm schedule, the body has registered most of its calories.”

The study is he first human test of early time-restricted feeding (eTRF). It looked at 11 men and women with excess weight over eight days. They followed the 8am to 2pm eating schedule for half of this time. And a more regular 8am to 8pm schedule for the other half. The same amount of calories were eaten over both periods.

Researchers discovered that although eTRF didn’t impact the total number of calories burned for participants it did reduce daily hunger swings. In addition, it increased fat burning during several hours at night. Sounds good to us!

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