Enjoy six delicious meals daily and still lose 7lbs in a week!

If the thought of restricting food and going hours without eating isn’t for you, we’ve got the perfect diet plan.

Weight-loss expert Terri-Ann Nunns has created a seven-day plan where you can eat SIX meals a day. ‘When you’re eating so often, you’ll never feel you have to go without food,’ says Terri-Ann. ‘Yet, the pounds still come off.’

‘This is a simple, short-term plan where you can lose 7-8lbs in a week. It’s effective if you want to look slim quickly, or if you’ve hit a diet plateau and want to lose those last pounds. The meals aren’t huge but, because you’re regularly eating nutritious food, your blood sugar levels will be stable, so you feel full all day.’

Your 6 meals a day 7-day diet plan


BREAKFAST: Greek yogurt with drizzle of honey.

MID-MORNING: Stewed apple with cinnamon:  Chop an apple into slices and stew in a pan. Serve sprinkled with cinnamon.

LUNCH: Ham salad: Mix lettuce, tomato, bell pepper,  sunflower seeds, red onion, cucumber, avocado and ham.

MID-AFTERNOON: Sausage lettuce boats: Two pork (or Quorn) sausages in sweet gem lettuce.

DINNER: Poached salmon fillet with pak choi and mangetout.

EVENING: Baked banana with 5 toasted walnuts and nutmeg.


BREAKFAST: Greek yogurt with drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

MID-MORNING: Serve two slices of plain ham with a handful of rocket.

LUNCH: Tuna salad, made by mixing a small can of tuna with baby spinach leaves, rocket, tomato, spring onions and broccoli.

MID-AFTERNOON: One boiled egg and a handful of watercress.

DINNER: Steak with asparagus:  Pan-fry one steak fillet, seasoned with salt and pepper, and serve with steamed asparagus.

EVENING: Bake an apple and serve with handful of blueberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

tuna salad


BREAKFAST: Omelette and sausage.  Whisk an egg and pan-fry both sides. Serve with 1 pork or

Quorn sausage.

MID-MORNING: A sliced apple with 2tbsp peanut butter.

LUNCH: Warm salmon salad made with 1 baked salmon fillet, steamed dwarf beans, sliced radishes and a little sliced onion.

MID-AFTERNOON: 1 boiled egg and handful of rocket leaves.

DINNER: Grill 1 chicken breast and serve with sweet potato wedges and 1 sliced avocado.

EVENING: Small cup of plain popcorn.


BREAKFAST: Scramble 1 egg and serve with 2 slices of ham and some rocket.

MID-MORNING: Quinoa salad made with 2tbsp cooked quinoa and a small side salad.

LUNCH: One grilled cod fillet with sweet potato fries and a side of sliced tomato and spring onions.

MID-AFTERNOON: 3tbsp Greek yogurt with handful of berries.

DINNER: Roasted chicken breast with roast carrots, squash, onion.

EVENING: Two squares of dark chocolate (over 70% cocoa).



BREAKFAST: 2 baked sweet potato wedges with 2 pork or Quorn sausages.

MID-MORNING: 1 pear, cut into slices and served with 2tbsp almond butter.

LUNCH: A grilled halibut fillet with 1 scrambled egg with grilled cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves.

MID AFTERNOON: 1 chopped banana served with 3tbsp Greek yogurt and 4 walnut halves.

DINNER: A turkey salad made with lettuce leaves, tomato, bell pepper, sunflower seeds, red onion, cucumber, avocado and cooked turkey strips.

EVENING: One small cup of plain popcorn.

DAYS 6 & 7

Repeat any two days. With tasty treats every few hours, you’ll never go hungry!

Terri-Ann’s top tips

  1. Eat little and often. Never miss a meal. Eat regularly, every 2-3 hours.
  2. Prepare. The key to the success of any diet. Take time to work out what ingredients you’ll need.
  3. Eat fresh produce. Go for lean proteins like chicken, white fish, tuna, turkey and choose fresh fruit and veg. Look for healthy fats such as avocado, nuts and olive oil. You can have 125g-175g lean protein for lunch and dinner.
  4. Pre-make meals. Preparing meals in advance will help you resist high-calorie impulse buys.
  5. Ditch mayonnaise and sauces. Flavour food with salt, pepper, garlic and fresh herbs.
  6. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water throughout the day. You can also have herbal teas.
  7. Avoid caffeine and sugar. No processed food, cereals or drinks.
  8. Up your steps. Even 220 extra steps a day will make a difference.
  9. Do it with a friend. This will keep you both motivated!
  10. Look for fresh produce like salmon and green veg.