Quick and easy - these are our favourite kind of meals!

We’re big fans of one-pot dinners – they are super easy as you cook all the ingredients altogether making a tasty dinner that’s rich in flavour. They are perfect for a family meal, perfect for freezing and often feed a crowd. Plus did we say they are super easy as you just cook it all in one pot?

Here are our favourite easy one pot recipes that only require one pan…

Comforting chicken and squash stew


This comforting chicken and squash stew is a substantial spring one-pot meat and veg meal that’s sure to satisfy the whole family!

Sausage and bean stew

Sausage-and-Bean-StewThe jerk barbecue sauce gives this old family favourite, sausage and beans, a new twist. Get the recipe here


Madeira beef casserole

MemorableMadeiraBeefCasseroleWSlow cooked beef using Madeira wine instead of red tastes fab. Dried porcini mushrooms are pricey, but worth adding to the casserole for a lovely rich flavour. It’s a really impressive dish, especially if you’ve got friends over. Get the recipe here


Tuscan sausage and bean soup

1769496This hearty soup is packed with vegetables and sausages so even the kids will like it! Get the recipe here


Italian-style bean casserole


This Mediterranean version of sausage and beans is perfect prepare-ahead nosh.  Great served up with garlic bread. Get the recipe here


Paprika goulash

3544248Paprika really spices up this filling goulash. Find the recipe here


Easy beef stew

Beef-StewOur easy peasy beef stew, ready in just 3 easy steps, is the ultimate warming one-pot meal. Find the recipe here


Posh sausage stew

937244Our posh sausage stew is one of our favourite fuss-free dinners. Great for all the family, super easy and packed with so much flavour! Get the recipe here


One-pot roast turkey with sage and thyme

PotRoastTurkeyBreastWCooking a roast for the brood soon? Don’t stress in the kitchen all Sunday over perfecting the meat – this pot roast turkey couldn’t be easier. See the recipe here


Italian-style chicken

835153Looking for a new delicious dinner with chicken breasts? Our Italian-style chicken is a winner dinner. See the recipe here


Chorizo and prawn stew

prawn-and-chorizo-stewChorizo and prawn make a delicious combo with this hearty stew. See the recipe here


Slimminmg World’s Thai red fish curry

ThaiRedFishCurryThis aromatic and tasty Thai classic is ready in no time, making it the perfect midweek dinner. Did we mention it’s another Slimming World treat too? Find the recipe here


Easy beef chilli

Chunky-ChilliYou can’t go wrong with a classic chilli. Our chunky version is a must-make. See the recipe here


Spiced chicken cous cous

spice-chicken-giant-couscousWThis spiced chicken cous cous is a great make for the whole clan. You’ll especially love it as it saves on tonnes of washing up, and it’s also a great low-calorie choice if you’re following the 5:2 diet. Find the recipe here


Super healthy chilli vegetable hotpot

ItalianVegetableStew13317Our chilli vegetable hotpot is so healthy, it comes in at just 119 cals per serving. Find the recipe here


 Nice & spicy chicken and rice

291270Curry powder adds a spicy kick to any meal, and it tastes especially great with this one-pot chicken and rice dish. Find the recipe here


Slimming World’s Thai yellow vegetable curry

Thai-Yellow-Vegetable-CurryLow calorie curries doesn’t mean a lack in flavour – this filling veggie delight from Slimming World packs a real punch. Find the recipe here


Speedy chicken peperonata stew

MexicanChickenPepperPot13338On your next food shop, pick up a jar of pepperonata – they’re Italian roasted and marinated peppers, which really give your meals a kick. They go great in this flavour-packed casserole. Find the recipe here


One-pot lamb curry

3588435Our easiest lamb curry only requires 10 minutes prep – pop it on the menu for your next curry night. Find the recipe here


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