These are the eggs we want to find on our Easter egg hunt 2017…

If, like us, you’ve decided to give chocolate up for Lent (it seemed like a good idea at the time, right?) you’re probably already dreaming about all the wonderful Easter eggs you’ll indulge in when the 40 days are up.

From giant eggs by Hotel Chocolat to an incredible GIN AND TONIC Easter egg,  this is what we hope the Easter Bunny will be bringing us this year!

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The Cheese Egg

This is either so right, or very, very wrong… But give us a jar of chutney and some freshly baked bread and we’re totally sold. Bold? Yes. A game-changer? Maybe. This cheesy, crumbly treat will cost you £14.99 and is available from So Wrong It’s Nom.



The Gin And Tonic Egg

Behold gin lovers! First there was gin flavoured jam. Next, came the incredible gin and tonic cheesecake recipe that changed EVERYTHING. Now, the geniuses at the London Chocolate Company have made all our Easter dreams come true with a Gin & Tonic Easter Egg!

The limited edition Belgian milk chocolate egg is available to buy online from the London Chocolate Co. website for £25.00.

Sharing the news of their egg-cellent new creation, the chocolatiers say, “you’ll find 6 exclusive Gin & Tonic truffles that are made with a delicious chocolate ganache, London Gin, and a dash of lemon and cardamom. We consider this to be a masterpiece made by our expert chocolatiers.” YUM!

The Red Velvet Easter Egg

Finally, someone has decided to turn the much loved red velvet cake into a delicious Easter Egg! Wrapped up in one of their signature luxury boxes, Prestat have created yet another incredible egg with their latest red velvet recipe. A milk and white chocolate egg loaded with their award winning red velvet truffles, you can’t go wrong for £16 with this unique Easter egg, new for 2017.

Champagne Surprise Easter Egg

We don’t know if we’ve mentioned it yet, but we’re big fans of Easter Eggs with an adults-only alcoholic twist! These gourmet Easter eggs by Booja Booja are full of delectable, award winning, chocolate truffles. Our favourite ones? The Champagne truffles of course! Starting at £9.95 for a small egg, the truffles come beautifully presented in a beautiful hand-made gift Easter egg tied with a silk ribbon. Buy them from

The biggest Easter Egg – EVER!

What’s better than a giant Easter Egg? A giant Easter Egg by the chocolate masters at Hotel Chocolat! This is the Hotel Chocolat ‘Ostrich Egg’

Did you know ostriches lay the largest eggs of any living bird? So, HC have measured a real one to make sure the egg is truly realistic in size and scale. There is over a kilo of chocolate in this Easter Egg! For £75, as well as the over-sized egg, you get a tray of 27 chocolates – pralines, truffles, caramels, patisserie and more – plus six golden eggs. Sharing, as always, is optional 😉