Is there such a thing as too much coffee? Well actually, unfortunately, yes.

Caffeine. It keeps us going. It bring us to life in the morning. Plus, it’s a part of our daily routine we genuinely enjoy. But, do we drink too much coffee?

too much coffee

According to a recent study by John Hopkins University drinking too much coffee can have some pretty nasty side effects.

The study into ‘caffeine use disorder’ describes the effects of too much caffeine in our diet. These range from physical affects such as an upset stomach, to mental side effects such as ‘anxiety, jitteriness…and tense mood’.


However, don’t panic just yet! Your morning Americano or early afternoon latte isn’t going to ruin your day just yet. Many researchers seem to agree that you could drink up to five cups of coffee a day before it becomes a problem.

Gaynor Bussell of the British Dietetic Association says, ‘If you enjoy a cappuccino in the morning then that’s fine, but if you start to get palpitations, you’re running to the toilet or noticing an increase in nervousness and sleeplessness, you should probably cut back your caffeine intake.’

So, our daily cup of coffee is safe then. Phew!

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