Want to try the 5:2 diet? We’ve got over 100 meal and snack ideas for your 500 calorie days.

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Insider tips and tricks on making the 5:2 work for YOU

Everything you need to lose weight on the 5:2 diet. Eat under 500 calories a day two days a week, eat normally the rest of the time and still lose around 1.5lb a week.


OVER 100 recipes that are quick, easy and delicious to fit around your lifestyle:

  • Breakfast under 100 calories
  • Lunch under 150
  • Dinner under 250
  • ALL specially selected by the food and diet experts at WOMAN magazine


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  • Low calorie snack ideas
  • Sneaky secrets to making your meals go further and feeling fuller for longer
  • Email yourself shopping lists for every recipe
  • Calorie count lists so you can adapt meal ideas to suit you
  • Easy measurement guide with recipes in metric and imperial measures