Lindsay shares her slimming secrets

Lindsay Noakes Hooper reveals how she shed four dress sizes in nine months on goodtoknow Diets

1. Open Your Mind

As a size 18 and weighing 13st I’d struggled with my weight for years. But when I was offered a seat on the train after giving birth to my third child eight years before, I knew it was time for action.

2. Write it down

The online goodtoknow Diet Club appealed to me because no food was banned. The food diary system allowed me to see what I was doing right and helped me to check fat and calorie content. My daughter, aged eight, could understand how important healthy eating is which made me focus on my 11st target.

3. Get active

Reluctantly, I started running. It was hard at first, but I loved the way my body quickly changed shape. Friends and family couldn’t believe how different I looked, which motivated me. The online exercise tracker helped as it calculated how many calories I burned for my pace and distance while offsetting myexercise against calories I’d consumed.

4. Eat Carbs

I used to eat toat for breakfast, with margarine and marmite or have a fry-up, followed by rice, pasta and curries for lunch. I was amazed I could still eat pasta on the diet as long as I weight portion sizes. This was good as it meant I didn’t have to cook different meals for the rest of the family.

5. Accept Help

My advisor Georgie regularly emailed and phoned me, which spurred me on. There’s also an app that’s packed with recipes and meal plans.

6. Praise Yourself

After nine months I’m a size 12 and almost at my target weight. I feel sexy too, which my husband likes. When we married I was a size 14 and struggled to squeeze into a linen suit I really wanted. I ended up buying another from a plus size range, but it didn’t feel as special. Now thanks togoodtoknow Diets, I’ll never have that problem again!


What is goodtoknow Diets?

It’s an online diet service with a personal food diary that monitors your daily calorie intake. You input how much you want to lose and it calculates the number of cals allowed each day to reach your goal and when you’re likely to reach it. You can offset calories with the exercise tracker and no foods are banned. Just log in, input the foods you’ve eaten and your diary will calculate the calories and fat and update your remaining allowance.

It does all the hard work, helping you to lose weight effectively.
For more info on goodtoknow Diets and for a free 7 day trial – visit our website: goodtoknowdiets.co.uk

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