Throw away the bathroom scales that make you feel sad (Joe calls them the ‘sad step’) when the numbers aren’t moving in the right direction. It can make you lose motivation binge on junk food and quit your plan altogether.

Talking frankly to Women’s Health Joe said:

“Don’t stand on the scales before or after [your holiday], basically don’t stand on them ever again. What’s the point? Because you’re only going to feel terrible.

“The weight is going to go up and it wont even all be body fat, a lot of it will be bloating and water retention.

“Instead stick to taking progress pictures at the start and end of each month with measurements (that’s a real marker).

“Because at the end of the day, we don’t judge people by how much they weigh. We don’t pick them up and weigh them do we? So, who cares?

“You are who you are.”