Low calorie snacks to keep you going throughout the day!

New research by the Food Doctor has shown that more than half of U.K women snack twice per day. However,  84% of those people feel guilty about it afterwards.

Firstly, snacking between meals doesn’t have to be bad for you. In fact, eating a little but often can actually help to boost your metabolism and trick your body into burning more calories. The key is what you’re eating between meals.

Sugary snacks are causing more harm than good and your body is receiving no nutritional benefit. Ditch the chocolate, biscuits and sugar-filled cereal bars and introduce the likes of veg, berries, full-fat Greek yoghurt and almonds. Blueberries and raspberries are sweet and delicious, yet low in natural sugars and packed full of nutrients.

So, follow our guide to these diet-friendly, low cal snacks and feel safe in the knowledge that none of them are over 100 cals.

Go on, treat yourself to one of these tasty low calorie snacks…