These Christmas turkey timings are sure to take the stress out of Christmas Day so you can enjoy the food – not just the responsibility of having to cook it!


So if you’re having a mild panic about getting your turkey, veg and trimmings all cooked and ready to serve at the same time, then follow our handy turkey timings dinner time plan to keep you calm and stress free on Christmas day!

The menu:
Chic smoked salmon
Citrus roast turkey with pistachio and apricot stuffing
The best ever rosemary roasties
Brussels with crispy bacon and chestnuts
Caramelised orange carrots
Red cabbage with juniper and apples
Cranberry apple mince puffs
Berry burst vanilla pavlova
Baileys, ginger and amaretti crunch iced Christmas bombe

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Firstly, make these food items in advance, then freeze. Just get them out on Christmas eve and they’ll be ready to cook and eat on the day!

> Pistachio and apricot stuffing
> The best ever rosemary roasties
> Cranberry apple mince puffs
> Baileys, ginger and amaretti crunch iced Christmas bombe

One week before, prepare this and pop it in the freezer:
> Berry burst vanilla pavlova

On Christmas eve, make these and then pop them in the fridge overnight:
> Red cabbage side dish
> Stuff the turkey and refrigerate overnight

Here is your food preparation plan and turkey timings for Christmas Day!

This meal plan and all the timings are for a lunch you would be planning to eat at 2pm

9.30am – Heat the oven to 200C, gas 6.
9.45am – Put turkey in oven.
12pm – Lay the table. (Pour some drinks – it is Christmas Day after all!)
12.55pm – Take turkey out of oven. Rearrange your oven shelves so a tray of potatoes can fit at the top and turkey at bottom. Put a tablespoon of goose fat in roasting tin and then pop it into the oven to melt. Then turn the turkey so it cooks evenly and return it to the oven.
1.00pm – Add your boiled potatoes to the hot goose fat in the oven
1.05pm – Plate up salmon starters, cover with cling film.
1.30pm – Turn potatoes, add parsnips to oven. Take out turkey.
1.40pm – Cook your carrots. Pan fry bacon for Brussels. Blanch Brussels. Warm through red cabbage.
1.45pm – Transfer turkey to serving platter. Ask helpers to wash up pans. Warm gravy.
1.50pm – Put everything into serving dishes. (Get the kids to start washing up!)
2.00pm – Sit down and enjoy salmon!
2.10pm – Stir fry your sprouts to warm through and then you’re ready to serve the main course.