Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there’s lots of tasty options even if you’re trying to be good. From cereals to bars, we’ve rounded-up our favourite delicious brekkie options to start your day right. And they are all under 200 calories!

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Granola homemadeShop-bought Granola can be high in sugar and calories. So why not make your own version to have as a tasty breakfast treat! Combine oats, flaked coconut, almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, dried fruits and oat bran in a bowl with honey and then bake for 20 minutes until golden brown. This way, you know exactly what’s going in, so there are no secret sugars to worry about! Two spoonfuls of non-fat yoghurt and small portion of granola comes in at around 156 calories.


At 185 calories, a boiled egg and soldiers get the nod from us. Opt for wholemeal or granary bread for a much healthier meal.



oaks so simple

When only porridge will do, just add hot water to this Oat So Simple express pot (190 cals) and you’ll be enjoying breakfast in no time!




100g of honeydew melon is just 29 cals! Snack on these in the morning with a handful of grapes, which are only 61 cals per 100g.



alpern no sugarIf muesli is normally on your breakfast menu, why not try this Alpen No Added Sugar version at 158 cals for 30g.



Bread isn’t completely off limits if you’re calorie counting – a slice of toast topped with 2 small poached eggs equals around 188 calories. So fill up on a delicious breakfast under 200 calories.




fruit saladGreek-style natural yoghurt is a great low-fat option for the mornings. Top 25g of it with a chopped kiwi, and add some Satsuma segments for a healthy fruit medley at 101 calories.




Biscuits for breakfast? They’re healthier than you think. These Belvita versions are only 56 calories each. And they taste so yummy!



Sometimes you can’t beat a good crumpet for breakfast. The good news is at 95 calories each with around 36 calories for 5g of butter, it comes in under the 200 mark – hurrah!




weetabixYou can still get your Weetabix fix if you’re trying to be good – a 40g standard serving comes in at 144 calories.




croissantOoh la la! If you’re feeling continental, opt for a croissant. The ASDA all butter versions come in at only 181 calories each – brilliant!



crunchy nut cornflakesIf you’re a Crunchy Nut Cornflakes fan, then you’re in luck. A 30g serving with semi-skimmed milk totals 180 calories – pass us the spoon!


nature valley barsWe love these Nature Valley oats and honey bars because they’re only 198 calories. You can have not just one but the pack of two for under 200 calories.


oak and honeyFinally, get your morning fuel with these granola bars from Nutri Grain. You can have both bars for 186 calories.



Please note: The diets featured on this website are designed for healthy adults over the age of 18.


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